Jump Manual Vs Vert Shock: Which one is for you?

By on 9-16-2015 in Basketball

Before we looked at Vert Shock as a training program to dramatically improve your jumping ability. However, there’s another big player in the scene – The Jump Manual. This program was recently featured in the GQ magazine (http://www.gq.com/story/how-to-dunk-a-basketball-in-ten-weeks-or-less) and was the first major jump training program out there.

Developed by Jacob Hiller, a professional basketball coach and personal trainer who himself has a crazy vertical, the Jump Manual is priced competitively with Vert Shock and offers similar workouts. In general, people say Jump Manual is more detailed but less concise than Vert Shock, which is recommended most. Here is a great article that compares the two programs for vertical jump training.

Personally, I’ve not tried the programs as I am pretty satisfied with my dunking ability. However, it would make sense to try them since they offer a money back guarantee – perhaps even try both and see which one works for you before you make the final purchase.