What are the biggest Basketball Brands? Part 1

By on 9-13-2015 in Basketball, Brands

Basketball has a rich history, and the sporting brands that back the sport are no exception. Perhaps the brand we associate most with Basketball is Spalding, who are responsible for creating the official NBA game ball. However, there are other major players in the game, like Nike who have become a huge name as a result of their basketball shoes. Here we will cover the biggest brands in Basketball.


  • Spalding: Founded in 1876, Spalding is not a household sporting name. However, when it comes to Basketball, everyone knows the brand. That is undoubtedly due to it being the official supplier of basketballs for the NBA. Obviously, its balls are top notch.
  • Wilson: Wilson is a big name in professional sports. They supply the NFL game balls and have a big following in all of the American sports. They supply the NCAA official game ball, and offer many other top quality basketballs.
  • Of the three, Nike is the biggest brand. They are better known for sports clothing and footwear, but they also have an impressive range of Basketballs.



  • Nike: Absolutely huge. They have dominated the Basketball footwear range by sponsoring big names like Jordan and Lebron James.
  • Adidas: Nike’s biggest rival, Adidas, unsurprisingly gives them a good fight in the Basketball footwear scene. Though they are behind by a fair margin, they have some great shoes like the J-wall 1s.
  • Under Armour: UA has really only just started to become a big player in mainstream sports. Other than their perfectly fitting sportswear, they now offer some amazing Basketball shoes, like those worn by Stephen Curry. They have overtaken And1 who used to be the dark horse of the Basketball footwear brands.


Hope you enjoyed the article. In the next part of the series we’ll be looking at Basketball brands for vests and other gear.


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