What are the Biggest Basketball brands? Part 2

By on 9-15-2015 in Basketball, Brands

Today we’ll be following on from part 1 and looking at more of the biggest brands in basketball. We’ll be looking at the names behind NBA apparel and the biggest hoop manufacturers.

NBA Apparel

  1. Adidas: Adidas currently hold the rights to providing all NBA teams with their jerseys. This pretty much makes them dominate this area, and you don’t see the kit diversity you see in some other major sports. However, their contract with the NBA runs out in 2017.
  2. Nike: The NBA jerseys might be done by Adidas right now but not for much longer. This year, Nike secured a $1bn contract to make all NBA uniforms after the Adidas contract expires. Already being the dominant brand in Basketball shoes, it won’t be long before they also dominate apparel.


  1. Spalding: Once again, Spalding tops another NBA list. They completely dominate the basketball hoops scene, providing the NBA with their own backboard systems. They also have a range of hoops for ordinary households which you can purchase.
  2. Lifetime: Not a big name in the professional leagues, but Lifetime is possibly the best selling hoop manufacturers for consumers. They are price competitive and don’t skimp on quality.

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